About Us

Beep-Boop, We help you build stuff !

We are a company focusing on building better educational system for the students, where learning is based on problem solving approach. Our services include Training, Workshops, Events, and projects

We are graduates from various disciplines of engineering currently working in different MNC’S whose sole aim is to create a better educational system in the country with a more practical approach

We are partners with top institutions of the country and also other training institutions which provide services like training on designing, Aeromodeling, CADD etc.,


Our training modules consist of latest courses that are designed based on future technologies that are game changing


We organize innovative championships for schools and colleges, where students can showcase their talent on the technologies they learnt. These competitions involve Robotics, summer camps and even Internships


We organize over 50+ types of workshops which include Technologies that are being used widely in all the industries. These workshops will enable students to become industry ready and will get them started to work on product development


We develop and even help students in developing their final year projects. We select few projects every year which involves complex research and incubate such projects at our Makerspaces. We help students by providing good infrastructure with different tools and equipment


Innovate Invent Edu-Tech has been registered as a private limited company on Twenty Ninth day of November Two Thousand Sixteen under the Companies Act, 2013 and that the company is limited by shares

The CIN of the company is U74999TG2016PTC113162

Fed up with the coventional educational system


To enable engineering students to apply what they learn from the text books and gain practical knowledge over the technology they are involved in. To provide quality education in both theoretical and applied foundations of technology and train students to apply research based education for solving real world complex problems


  • To build an environment where students can learn all “Off the curriculum” courses.
  • To inculcate a habit of learning the problem solving based and use case specific
  • To fill the gap between the traditional learning methodology and latest technological trends, hence making better engineers